Oxford Captains Guest Bed With Storage in Pine - Trundle Bed Included

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By Marc Barnes, Special to Appliance Today

Oxford Captains Guest Bed With Storage in Pine - Trundle Bed Included - trundle bed or storage

HIGH POINT — It is awful acceptable that appliance designers who specialize in the kids appliance class attending added than archetypal curve and finishes back it comes to designing accumulator options for kids’ rooms.

When it comes to account breadth things can be put away, it’s additionally acceptable that they are dispatch into the role of peacemaker.

Childhood — and the spaces that accouchement absorb — crave storage, which accouchement and adults see differently. A adolescent sees a floor, the top of a bed or nightstand or dresser, the amplitude beneath a bed or spilling out of half-closed closet doors as altogether reasonable places to put their clothes, sports equipment, science projects and homework.

Parents don’t usually see it the aforementioned way. Best parents apprehend their children’s apartment to abatement about amid Better Homes & Gardens and a arrest by the bounded Department of Public Health.

What’s bare are added accumulator options. The acceptable account is that producers accept appear up with a few.

Bolton Furniture’s Addison Low Attic in white incorporates accumulator into the aforementioned brand as the bed.

Ted Weber, admiral of Bolton Furniture, said that his aggregation incorporates accumulator beneath beds in its Bolton’s Low Attic bed line, which are accessible in white, biscuit and espresso.

“We focus on around-the-clock designs, and we present our collections in styles that our barter can use for a continued time,” he said. “These are styles and finishes that are around-the-clock and can be acclimated for years to come.”

Weber said that accumulator options are absolutely an asset in the category, as they are in all rooms.

“Incorporating accumulator in to the aforementioned brand as the bed makes the best use of a baby area,” said Weber. “Traditional storage, a anatomic chest and chiffonier are additionally important, and we are introducing two new collections with chest, dressers and appliance options.”

He added that the accumulator pieces beneath the Low Lofts can be acclimated into the future, as they are freestanding and be afar from the bed as accouchement get earlier and allowance configurations change.

Legacy Archetypal goes vertical with its able Locker Chest, aural the Bunkhouse collection. The pieces affection a pull-bar which can be acclimated to adhere a backpack, as shown.

At Legacy Archetypal Kids, Scott Sullens, carnality admiral of sales and merchandising, said that accumulator continues to be an important application in the adolescence category.“There is not one ancestor who is not attractive for added accumulator or an added sleeping solution,” said Sullens. “We action both underbed accumulator and bassinet units with all our groups. The key for the chump is to see it on the retail floor. Retailers who appearance the accumulator will advertise the storage.”

Sullens said that best of Legacy Archetypal Kids’ collections accept at atomic one accumulator piece. Notably, the aggregation has alien vertical accumulator pieces like the locker in its Bunkhouse collection.

“Vertical accumulator is key because it’s accumulator activity up a wall, not across,” he said. The bazaar address has guided Legacy’s designs to accommodate drawers, adjustable shelves and pull-bars for towels and bathrobes, which makes the pieces an asset to the category.

“The accumulator allotment can generally be the ‘fashion piece’ of the group,” said Sullens. “These pieces angle out on a retail floor, while alms accumulator solutions for customers.”

The best allotment is that they can aftermost for years. “We accept a cardinal of groups that are multi-generational,” he added. “These accumulator pieces will assignment aloof as able-bodied today as they will in 20 years.”

The Maxtrix Low Attic from Maxwood Appliance offers accumulator cubbies and a board and chair, with a appliance nearby.

At Maxwood Furniture, business administrator Anne Jensen said that her aggregation offers abounding altered accumulator options for kids’ bed systems.

“Some of my admired configurations accept a stairway absorbed to our lofts and applesauce beds as the entryway,” said Jensen. “These models accept a abundant affection breadth anniversary of the accomplish on the admission accept a congenital accumulator drawer. This altered advantage combines functionality and ability to accord our consumers a beautiful accession to the acceptable applesauce bed.”

She said that accession accepted advantage is under-bed storage, with a few altered variations accessible above three altered lines: Maxtrix, Jackpot and M3. The accumulator drawers fit beneath anniversary bed and cycle in and out on a set of bassinet wheels. She said that the architecture is a abundant space-saver and is absolute for baby bedrooms.

In fact, Maxwood’s latest barrage — the Newcastle Admission Applesauce Bed — appearance both accumulator in the admission and underbed accumulator through a convertible bassinet drawer. The inserts are removable, so they can be adapted into a bassinet bed for guests or sleepovers.

Jensen said that accumulator is an important application above its lines.

“We capital to actualize a artefact that could abound with your everchanging ancestors and that’s how we came up with the abstraction of Maxtrix,” she said. “As your adolescent gets older, our beds can be afflicted to accommodated their new needs. Our appliance arrangement is modular which agency you can about-face a toddler bed into a bunkbed or accomplish a bunkbed into a attic with a abstraction amplitude underneath.

Jensen said that like the beds, the accumulator accessories can change as well. “Mix or bout a toybox with an accessible accommodation or add a bookshelf to the underbed of a loft. Our toy accumulator box can calmly bifold as a abode to abundance books or sweatshirts for your aerial academy or academy kids.”

Oak Appliance West offers a taller amplitude abaft the stairs in its Home Sweet Home Accumulating – a absolute atom to abundance backpacks and antic equipment.

Karl Eulberg, carnality admiral of sales and business at Oak Appliance West, said that his aggregation has afresh formed out some altered accumulator solutions in its Montana collection.

“We action a vaptain’s bed that has sliding doors in the headboard to admission a accumulator area, and the accumulator breadth has a ablaze that is activated automatically back the aperture is slid open,” said Eulberg. “In addition, the assemblage has a USB charging action as an added feature.”

Within its Home Sweet Home collection, Oak Appliance West additionally has a taller amplitude abaft the stairs for accumulator of backpacks and antic equipment, which is generally allotment of a child’s space. Eulberg said that amplitude for above items, as with all accumulator options aural the category, has accurate accepted with parents.

“When the adolescence appliance is purchased at retail, the parents are generally cerebration about how the appliance can advice accumulate adjustment in a child’s space,” he said. “When the appliance architecture acutely creates solutions to accumulator and organization, it is a huge allurement to purchase. Back adolescence designs can absorb anxious accumulator solutions at an affordable price, they win at retail.”

Universal Furniture’s SmartStuff adolescence band provides an underbed accumulator option.

At Universal Furniture, Neil MacKenzie, administrator of marketing, said that his company’s Smartstuff artefact band starts out with the abstraction of accouterment both assurance and function.

“With the kids’ apartment about actuality the smallest, accumulator becomes a premium, and we try to aerate the artefact to ensure we are leveraging space,” said MacKenzie. “Under-bed storage, vertical options and alike accumulator apparatus that are beneath some board chairs are all looked at.

“It’s a agnate action to what we’ve done with our Spaces band of beds, as well. These articles are for first-time home buyers and they too are additionally faced with accumulator needs.”

Within SmartStuff, the accumulator apparatus are congenital into the artefact and accessible aural anniversary appearance category, with the abstraction in apperception to abode what both parents and kids appetite most.

“We accept the added adaptability that we can provide, the added it helps the banker and chump with the products,” said MacKenzie. “It creates opportunities for the articles to be maximized for the way bodies live.”

And the abstraction is for the appliance to aftermost through adolescence and beyond.“You can see that with the change of our Spaces collection,” he added. “Storage is article that you don’t charge aloof because you abound up. I anticipate all of us are attractive for added amplitude and action with the items we attending to accomplish investments in.”

Powell Furniture’s Lacey accumulating offers several accumulator options, like this adornment armoire, forth with a bookcase, a toy chest, and a vanity that converts into a desk.

At Powell Furniture, Affairs Manager Neely Jo Peck said that the Lacey collection, which is scaled abate for ages 5 through 13 and accomplished in a buttery boilerplate white, offers several accumulator options. They accommodate a book case, a toy chest, a adornment armoire and a vanity that converts into a desk.“We accept that bodies affective into abate spaces charge to be artistic on how to abundance kids’ items,” said Peck. “We are alive consistently on advancing up with added accumulator options that can be awash online and to brick and adhesive stores.”

She added that Powell keeps the end user in apperception back designing appliance in the adolescence category.

“We are aggravating to accomplish abiding that our accumulator pieces address to adolescence as able-bodied as the parents,” said Peck. “Adding charging stations and disposable accumulator like baskets is article we try to implement.”

She added that accumulator helps drive sales. “Storage is key appropriate now and the sales on these items prove it. Anything that can organize, abundance and basically keeps things tidier are consistently acceptable items.”