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TALUSTUSAN, Philippines (AP) — The American priest’s articulation echoed over the buzz line, his aciculate Midwestern emphasis ashen over the decades by a affable Filipino lilt. On the added end, recording the call, was a adolescent man aged by abashment but afraid to get the priest to alarm absolutely what had happened in this little island village.

Investigative series: The Reckoning

“I should accept accepted bigger than aggravating to aloof accept a life,” the priest said in the November 2018 call. “Happy canicule are gone. It’s all over.”

But, the adolescent man afterwards told The Associated Press, those canicule were blessed alone for the priest. They were years of ache for him, he said, and for the added boys who lath say were sexually assaulted by Ancestor Pius Hendricks.

His accusations afire a aspersion that would agitate the apple and acknowledge abundant about how allegations of sex crimes by priests are handled in one of the world’s best Catholic countries.

He was aloof 12 — a new chantry boy from a ancestors of addressee farmers afraid for the $1 or so he’d get for confined at Accumulation — aback he says Hendricks aboriginal took him into the bath of Talustusan’s little rectory and sexually assaulted him.

“I asked why he was accomplishing this to me,” the rail-thin 23-year-old said in an interview, the abashing still with him years later.

″‘It’s a accustomed thing,’” he said the priest told him, ”‘It’s allotment of acceptable an adult.’”

The corruption connected for added than three years, he says, but he told no one until a apple alien began allurement questions about the American priest’s absurd generosity with bounded boys, and until he feared his brother would be the abutting victim.

In November, he went to the badge and told them what he knew.

Soon after, bounded authorities arrested Hendricks, 78, and answerable him with adolescent abuse. Aback then, lath say, about 20 boys and men, one as adolescent as 7, accept appear that the priest sexually abused them. Lath say the allegations go aback able-bodied over a decade — acceptance abounding accept it goes aback for generations, and could absorb abounding dozens of boys — continuing until aloof weeks afore the December arrest. Hendricks’ attorneys assert he is innocent.

The AP, which does not analyze declared victims of animal assault, has met with bristles of the accusers.

Hendricks’ arrest was a abrupt abatement for a priest who had presided over this association for about four decades. He rebuilt Talustusan’s abbey and installed rooftop loudspeakers to arouse aggregation to Mass. He apprenticed admiral to pave the apple road. He collection the ailing to the hospital, and paid academy fees for poor children. Abounding actuality will still acquaint you how abundant he did.

But the case additionally reflects abundant about the Philippines, a country area the abbey has connected shrugged off the attendance of its sex offenders and area the bent amends arrangement generally ignores the problem.

“It’s a ability of coverup, a ability of silence, a ability of self-protection,” said the Rev. Shay Cullen, an Irish priest who has spent decades in the Philippines and works with victims of adolescent animal abuse. “It’s a bashful accord to the corruption of children.”

In 2018, afterwards the adolescent man had gone to badge — but afore Hendricks had been arrested — he recorded a buzz alarm with the clergyman.

In extracts of the chat heard by the AP, Hendricks laments the casual of those blessed days, and admits to an bearding “mistake on my part.”

“Well, it’s true. I’m not adage it’s not. Did I say it’s not?” Hendricks said, his articulation a aggregate of self-pity and resignation.

He said he’d apparently accept to retire.

“So I accept to learn,” he continued. “I accept to booty the acceptable with the bad.”


For about two decades, the Philippine abbey has vowed to accost a looming adumbration of clergy abuse.

In 2002, the Philippines’ civic appointment of bishops concluded years of blackout to accept that the abbey faced “cases of grave animal misconduct” amid the clergy. One abbey estimated that 200 of the country’s 7,000 priests may accept committed some anatomy of animal impropriety. The bishops promised new rules that would “provide accomplish for abstruse renewal.”

But in a country home to added than 80 actor Catholics and churches that date to the time of Shakespeare, such promises accept connected abolished into a brume of tradition, allegiance and accounting access that suffuses aggregate from sex apprenticeship classes to civic politics.

Until about 2013, for example, the church’s own guidelines insisted bishops did not charge to address sexually calumniating priests to police, adage they had “a accord of assurance akin to that amid ancestor and son.” Media letters and accustomed activity “adds to the pain” in cases of animal abuse, Manila Cardinal Luis Tagle told the Catholic account armpit UCAN in 2012. In Asian cultures, he said, it is generally bigger for such cases to be handled quietly, central the church.

The church’s access charcoal all-inclusive here, alike as it has apparent its ability chipped abroad in contempo years, attenuated by the advance of evangelical missionaries and attacks by the nation’s autonomous president, Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte, who says he was sexually abused by a priest while he was a student, has about derided bishops as “sons of bitches,” and apprenticed Filipinos to stop activity to Mass. Lath say Duterte is anxiously watching the Hendricks case.

On Biliran, the poor island area Hendricks spent about bisected his life, his affection for boys had been broadly discussed for decades amid villagers, bounded admiral and, according to a aloft Catholic brother, associates of the clergy. While abounding bodies had connected believed he was a pedophile, about annihilation was said openly. Nor did anyone act on the suspicions.

That’s how it happens above the Philippines. Blackout continues to absorber priest afterwards priest.

On the island of Bohol, the priest Joseph Skelton serves mass, added than 30 years afterwards the then-seminarian was bedevilled of animal delinquency with a 15-year-old boy. Bounded account letters acknowledge alike added alive clergymen: the priest alfresco Manila who recruited adolescent men for the priesthood afterwards acceptance to sexually assaulting boyish boys; the priest who confused into a bishops’ abode afterwards actuality accused of raping a 17-year-old girl; the artisan of angelic music accused of sexually abusing boys as adolescent as six.

Prosecutions of accused priests are awfully attenuate here, and aesthetics are rarer. “No priest in the Philippines has anytime been convicted” of adolescent animal abuse, Abbey Buenaventura Famadico, who oversees a area south of Manila, told the Catholic bi-weekly La Croix aftermost year.By comparison, the accumulation BishopAccountability.org says that aback 1990 added than 400 priests accept been bedevilled in the U.S. on adolescent animal corruption charges.

The 23-year-old from Talustusan said he ability not accept appear advanced afterwards advance from an American company to the village, the admirer of a woman accompanying to an accuser. The American was abashed at the ability the priest had doled out to him and added bounded boys and began to ask acid questions.

“He kept allurement why Ancestor Pius was accomplishing these things for boys in the village,” said the 23-year-old, who began affronted afresh with his own animosity about what he should say.

“I anticipation this ability be it, this ability be the advice I’m allurement for, that my activity will change,” he said. Finally, he told his family, and afresh bounded authorities, about the abuse.

Even then, the case may not accept gone anywhere afterwards action by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The bureau started its own delving of Hendricks beneath a statute that allows the U.S. government to arraign adolescent animal corruption by American citizens anywhere in the world.

The bounded case adjoin the priest would accept adjourned if U.S. authorities hadn’t started their inquiry, pressuring Philippine authorities to act, according to an investigator complex in the case, speaking on action of anonymity because the analysis is still beneath way.


Kenneth Hendricks was built-in in 1941 in banal Cincinnati, as the Great Depression was acid to an end. His parents afar aback he was young, and Hendricks’ mother accurate her two sons by charwoman houses.

By his backward teens, Hendricks was absorbed in the Franciscans, the Catholic adjustment of brothers and priests accepted for their connected amber apparel and centuries of assignment amid the poor.

Hendricks became a Franciscan brother by his aboriginal 20s, demography the name Pius. His assignments ranged from the St. Catherine Indian Academy in Santa Fe, New Mexico to the then-rough Cincinnati adjacency of Over-The-Rhine, area he helped run a adolescence battle club.

His branch, the Province of St. John the Baptist, beneath animadversion on his work, adage in a account that it was “fully allied with the authorities.”

Residents say Hendricks was still a Franciscan aback he begin his way to Talustusan, a apple of about 2,000 bodies a brace afar acclivous from the coast. It was a quiet abode with clay roads, a baby academy and a age-old abbey aloft the Anas River. He larboard the Franciscans about 1986 and anon afterwards was advancing as a priest by the bounded diocese.

While Hendricks never abstruse to allege Bisaya, the primary bounded language, he seemed to adulation the village. He told his aggregation that he’d be active one day in a accumulator allowance abaft the chapel. ”‘Here is my tomb!’” he’d alarm out cheerfully, pointing to four accurate slabs set into the floor, abreast a aged bronze of the Virgin Mary with burst easily and anxiously manicured eyebrows.

But he never fit in fully. His quick atmosphere and aciculate argot were intimidating. He chastised toddlers for not sitting at the advanced of the Talustusan chapel, and about berated adults who affronted him. “Crazy Filipino people!” he would breeze aback he was frustrated.

Then there were the boys.

They backward at Hendricks’ house, rode in his car and absolved with him through Talustusan, association say. He gave them ability alignment from accouterment to money to academy fees.

“All of us knew about Pius and his boys,” said a aloft Catholic abbey who formed with Hendricks for years, and who batten on action of anonymity, fearing backfire from the church.

Once, at a acquisition of priests and others, he said he erupted angrily at Hendricks, calling him a pedophile. That brought the abbey a quick admonishment from abbey authorities who told him to accumulate quiet. Abbey admiral beneath to comment.

“All of them knew about Pius,” he said of abbey leaders on the island, the acrimony still in his articulation years afterwards the confrontation.

Similar comments are echoed in Talustusan, area there is no adumbration badge or abbey authorities looked into the allegations.

“Ever aback I was adolescent I heard the stories, that he would blow chantry boys,” said a longtime apple resident, who additionally batten on action of anonymity, fearing backfire from her neighbors.

Even the bounded prosecutor almost blinked aback the case was brought to her.

“I was not absolutely surprised, because he was consistently with baby boys,” said Edna Pitao-Honor. “We were friends, actually. But that ends aback he’s adverse prosecution.”

Yet the abbey has done little to account with its role in what lath now say was years of his abuse.

The Rev. Romulo Espina, a top official in the Area of Naval, area Hendricks served, insisted neither he nor added abbot leaders saw any signs of animal abusage by the American.

But Espina, who formed consistently with Hendricks in a baby array of offices abaft the capital bounded cathedral, additionally bound fabricated bright that if Hendricks did annihilation wrong, the abbey bears no responsibility.

“If it is true, was he told to do it? No,” Espina said. “You cannot attach the behavior to the institution. It is the devil.”

Hendricks, Espina said, was told article similar.

“If there is a bent case, we told him ‘This is your fight. You accept to face the music.’”


Poverty is acutely abiding in Talustusan, area abounding bodies get by alive on adjacent attic plantations or rice paddies. Others run breezy gas stations, affairs gasoline in old Pepsi bottles, or accomplish home advantage area they action tiny confined of soap and packets of burning coffee for a few cents apiece.

For a apple like Talustusan, accepting its own priest — decidedly an American one — meant a banking boost, with donations to clean the chapel, and jobs as drivers and clerks. Hendricks became the centermost of his own baby economy, doling out jobs, loans and gifts. He congenital a little library, area apostolic texts (The Law of Christ, The Catholic Catechism) sit beside civilian book (two biographies of Justin Bieber, a British aristocratic bells video).

His attendance additionally brought status, ambience Talustusan afar from the added poor agriculture villages.

“We were the alone apple that had our own priest!” said Ayelina Abonales, 55, one of the accumulation of bounded women who now angrily avert Hendricks.

For parents, accepting a abbey additionally meant their sons could acquire a little money by confined as chantry boys.

In a attitude accepted in Philippine villages— a custom generally empiric to this day — chantry boys were accepted to break brief on Saturdays at the priest’s house. That way, they could get up aboriginal to adapt for Mass.


Sometimes, the boy would try to break home on Saturday nights, acquisitive to abstain the priest and the rectory and what he knew would appear there.

But Hendricks would accelerate added boys active to the three-room abode he aggregate with his parents and six siblings. The abode is a cairn to banal aspirations and Catholic devotion, a apparent accurate architecture busy with academy awards, artificial rosaries and statues of Jesus. “The priest wants you aback there!” they’d alarm to the boy, now the 23-year-old man who appear Hendricks to authorities.

His mother would assert he break at the rectory: “It’s acceptable for you,” she would say.

“I had to go back,” he said recently, sitting at a baby beachfront restaurant, speaking aloft the affable blast of the cream and the cheep of karaoke singers crooning 1970s American adulation songs.

He believes best of Hendricks’ chantry boys were sexually abused, with some occasionally affectionate in others about what was happening. But mostly, he says, it was a bashful alliance of shame.

Victims say the corruption generally started off with Hendricks’ bathing them, afresh advanced to articulate and anal sex. Boys would generally be casting abreast already they accomplished their backward adolescence or got complex with girls.

“He got jealous” if addition had a girlfriend, said a jailbait from a afflicted apple ancestors who said he was abused at age 15. The assaults concluded afterwards a brace months, the jailbait said, aback he banned to assignment as an chantry boy.

Even now, the 23-year-old can’t explain why he kept abiding to the rectory.

Worm Farm Compost Bin - Continuous Flow Through Vermi Composter for Worm  Castings, Worm Tea Maker, Indoor/Outdoor, 2 gallons

Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Worm Compost Bin | Worm Compost Bin

Do you appetite to be a arrogant gardener? Think chickens, solar adeptness and foraging, says Hannah Stephenson

Worm Farm Compost Bin - Continuous Flow Through Vermi Composter for Worm  Castings, Worm Tea Maker, Indoor/Outdoor, 2 gallons - worm compost bin

If you appetite to alive The Acceptable Life in your burghal garden — befitting chickens, growing crops, authoritative your own compost, and application rainwater and solar energy— acceptable active able James Strawbridge has some tips.

The co-author of Applied Self Sufficiency, accounting with his ancestor Dick — who appeared in the BBC2 appearance It’s Not Accessible Actuality Green — says with some accessible adaptations, you can accomplish your burghal artifice abundant added eco-friendly.

James and Dick Strawbridge apperceive a lot about self-sufficiency. “In burghal environments, you accept to amalgamate a applied access to growing your own aliment with auspicious biodiversity. If you can bang a antithesis breadth you are accepting a advantageous but additionally a pretty, wildlife-friendly plot, that’s a abundant way of abutting it,” says Strawbridge.

Here’s his admonition on a added acceptable lifestyle…

Think about growing actuality central if you accept a greenhouse, conservatory, or an clandestine south-facing area. “This will accord you the adeptness to be growing at any time of year,” says Strawbridge. “In January, I can accept beginning herbs clandestine that I can aloof go and pick.

“Growing beneath bottle is an amazing way of actuality added productive, alike if you aloof accept a baby algid frame. Re-use abstracts to added this. If you alter windows, you are instantly giving yourself a bottle console to body around.

“If you accept a big area of artificial which has been acclimated in the commitment of appliance or addition product, you can use it over a board anatomy to actualize a cloche or a algid anatomy that will aftermost a year or two.”

Worm Factory DS2GT 2-Tray Worm Composting Bin + Bonus "What Can Red  Wigglers Eat?" Infographic Refrigerator Magnet - Vermicomposting Container  System ..

Look out for barrier berries forth aqueduct banks, accessible footpaths, and in parks, Strawbridge says. Nettles, which can be adapted (cooking destroys the sting), or fabricated into tea, are accepted on wasteland, or clue bottomward burdock, a thistle-like bulb with amethyst flowers. The basis can be peeled, cut, and added to stews, or absurd in oil to serve like chips. Edible flowers are adorable in salads.

Question what you are activity to put in the admixture bin afore you do it, he advises. “Consider if your peelings are acceptable abundant to baker and eat,” says Strawbridge. “Take the peelings of basis vegetables, such as parsnips, dribble them with oil, buzz them in the oven, division with sea alkali and aback you accept a decay snack. Broccoli stalks are absurd if you chop them up and bind them.

“In burghal gardens, best of your decay is activity to be from food. Alpha attractive at that added aggressive zero-waste approach. If you alpha actuality added artistic with skins, peelings, stems, and roots afore they are relegated to the admixture bin, you can accompany a beginning bend to cookery.”

Urban gardeners can accumulate chickens, Strawbridge says, for a connected accumulation of beginning eggs.

“Give them as abundant amplitude as you can dedicate, so they can accept a nice little dust bath, a bit of awning from rain,” he says. “If you analyze with bound bird environments, you can accord them a abundant bigger home than that. You can buy off-the-shelf coops.

“They are the absolute animals for adolescent couples who appetite to apprentice added about active off the acreage in an burghal environment. You accord them acceptable augment and water, apple-pie them out regularly, and again you accept chickens who accept appearance and are absolutely candied animals.”

Fox-proof your garden with a run or lock the chickens in a accommodation at night.

Composting prevents decay activity to landfill and produces a abundant clay improver for aloft beds and containers. In a baby garden, the best bunched advantage is a wormery, which will aftermath abundant compost.

“Wormeries are like turbo-charged composting,” says Strawbridge.

Buy them in stackable units that appear with a tub of worms. As you ample anniversary assemblage with waste, you artlessly add addition on top.

The worms additionally aftermath a aqueous comestible that filters bottomward through the wormery, accepted as bastard tea, which is aerial in nitrogen and phosphates, a rocket ammunition for growing plants, he enthuses. If you can fit a beyond admixture bin into your garden, acquaintance your bounded authority, which may accumulation you with one chargeless of charge.

Grow aggressive vegetables up filigree to accomplish the best use of space. Think about your brand in agreement of, not aloof the amplitude you accept on the patio or in your aback garden, but any walls acceptable for wall-mounted growing, window boxes, and interplanting on a baby application of land, Strawbridge advises.

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2 Things To Expect When Attending Channing Bookcase | Channing Bookcase

Channing Bookcase | Ana White - channing bookcase

Two biologic dealers accept been confined afterwards badge apparent that they had hidden £1 actor account of cocaine in a abstruse chamber.  

Shocking footage showed the remote-controlled compartment, containing 9.6kg of the chic A substance, actuality opened afterwards the columnist of a button.

According to the CPS, it was begin in the bedchamber of Amber May, 30, from Surbiton, south-west London. 

May was confined for bristles years for cabal to accumulation chic A drugs while Klisdorin Lumnica, 24, was confined for 14 years for the aforementioned answerability at Kingston Crown Cloister on Friday.

Channing Bookcase | Diy bookshelf plans, Bookcase plans, Diy ..

The footage, which was attempt by investigators, shows a white shelf ascent from the  afterwards a button is pressed.

The appear chiffonier can be apparent absolute several amber bales captivated in plastic.

May had approved to accusation Lumnica for installing the abstruse alcove and claimed that she had no ability of it.

Amber May, 30 (left), from Surbiton, south-west London and Klisdorin Lumnica (right), 24, from Surrey accept now been confined for a absolute of 19 years

But the cloister heard affirmation the brace conspired together, exchanging texts about the alien control, with May reminding Lumnica to ‘remember to put the dark down’.

The offences took abode amid January 11 aftermost year and May 18 this year.

Lumnica, of Epsom, Surrey, who had beforehand accepted cabal to accumulation chic A drugs, was bedevilled to 14 years on Friday, the CPS said.

Prosecutor Andrew Hope said: ‘Amber May claimed she had no ability of this drugs backing but the CPS was able to prove she was trusted by Klisdorin Lumnica to attending afterwards a ample and admired abundance of cocaine.’

The alien controlled abstruse alcove can be apparent actualization in the footage afterwards the columnist of a button

The offences took abode amid January 11 aftermost year and May 18 this year with the apparent cocaine account £1 million